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Quality Costs or Cost of Poor Quality

Quality Costs or Cost of Poor Quality 

The efficiency of a business is measured in terms of dollars. The cost of poor quality can add to the other costs used in decision making, such as maintenance, production, design, inspection, sales, and other activities. This cost is no different than other costs. It can be programmed, budgeted, measured, and analyzed to help in attaining the objectives for better quality and customer satisfaction at less cost. A reduction in quality costs leads to increased profit.

Course Highlights 

  • Quality Costs; Meaning and definition
  • Categories and Elements of COPQ
  • Collection and reporting COPQ
  • Analysis of COPQ
  • Optimizing costs
  • Quality improvement strategy
  • Program implementation of COPQ


  • Working knowledge of 7 QC Tools and SPC


  • Junior, middle, and senior level personnel from every department can participate.


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