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QFD; Quality Function Deployment

QFD; Quality Function Deployment

Quality function deployment is a planning tool used to fulfil customer expectations through translation of customer expectations into technical or engineering characteristics. House of quality is used for understanding voice of customer, voice of business, prioritizing them, prioritizing technical descriptors and the process of manufacturing, and competitive analysis.

Course Highlights 

  • Meaning of QFD
  • Objective of QFD
  • QFD Team
  • Voice of customer
  • House of Quality
  • Step by step construction of House of Quality
  • Refinement of QFD chart
Structure of House of Quality
  • Left exterior walls; customer requirements
  • Right exterior walls; prioritize customer requirements
  • Ceiling of the house; technical descriptors
  • Bottom of the house; prioritize technical descriptors
  • Interiors of the house; relationship between requirements and descriptors
  • Roof of the house; interrelationship between technical descriptors


  • Working knowledge of New 7 QC Tools


  • Junior, middle, and senior level personnel of engineering, quality, production, and maintenance can participate.


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