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Calculation of chances of happening of an event comes under the study of probability. Before starting a game a coin is always tossed. Have you ever think, why does only the coin select to toss always? How many chances of coming a head or tail when a coin is tossed with fair trial? Moreover in a manufacturing organization, if a piece is drawn at random and found to be defective then, the defective piece is expected to have been manufactured from which machine? All these questions can be answered with use of probability.

Course Highlights 

  • Basic concept of Probability
  • Definition of Probability
  • Importance of Probability
  • Probability Scale
  • Combination in Probability
  • Addition Theorem
  • Multiplication Theorem
  • Conditional Probability
  • Combined use of addition and multiplication theorem
  • Bernoulli’s Theorem
  • Bayes’ Theorem


  • Basic mathematics, statistics or SPC


  • Junior, middle, and senior level personnel from every department can participate.


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