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New 7 QC Tools

New 7 QC Tools

Unlike fundamental 7 QC Tools, New 7 QC Tools do not use hard statistical data but rely on subjective information, useful in process improvement, cost reduction, policy deployment, transform the customer requirement into measureable, new product development and prioritization of issues.

Course Highlights 

Basic management tools
  1. Why-Why Analysis
  2. Nominal group technique
  3. Brainstorming
New 7 QC Tools
  1. Affinity diagram; Generate a large number of issues/ideas
  2. Interrelationship diagram; Clarifies the interrelationship of many factors of a complex situation
  3. Tree diagram; Reduce any broad objective into increasing level of details
  4. Matrix diagram; Analyze and rate the relationship among two or more variables
  5. Prioritization matrix; Prioritize issues, based on weighted criteria using a combination of tree and matrix diagram
  6. Process decision and program chart; Avoids surprises and identifies possible countermeasures
  7. Activity network diagram; Schedule project efficiently


  • Basic mathematics skills


  • Junior, middle, and senior level personnel from every department can participate.


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