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7QC Tools and SPC

One of the best technical tool for improving product and service quality is Statistical Process Control (SPC). There are seven fundamental tools using which the SPC can implement at workplace in manufacturing and service industries. The tools not only control the process but also improve the capability of the process. The tools are very high in demand in almost every kind of manufacturing and service industry to maintain the quality at par of product and service delivery. The application of these tools are realized as reduced cost of poor quality, customer satisfaction, on time service delivery, higher production efficiency etc.

Course Highlights 


  • Mathematical definition and dimensions of quality
  • Understanding SIPOC (Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer)

7 Quality Control Tools 

  • Process Flow Chart, 

  • Check Sheet, 

  • Histogram, 

  • Pareto Diagram, 

  • Fishbone Diagram, 

  • Scatter Chart, 

  • Control Chart

Statistical Process Control

  • Causes of variations
  • Investigating an out of control process
  • Basic statistical concepts
  • Concept of Normal curve
  • Process Capability analysis (Cp and Cpk)


  • Basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics


  • Junior, middle, and senior level personnel from every department can participate.

Small Training Video of 7 QC Tools by Narender Sharma


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