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7 QC Tools: Check Sheet (Video Tutorial)

What is a Check Sheet?

  • Check Sheet is a paper tool
  • It is used for Data collection
  • Defects and defectives or anything else with predetermined headings can be counted using tally marks on the check sheet

Why does the Check Sheet use as a qc tool?

  • Check sheet helps in data collection for defects and defectives or counting anything else
  • Confirms the physical presence of defects and defectives
  • Data collected by means of check sheet can be is used for Histogram
  • Documented proof of data collection
  • Can be used for future references

Working example

To prepare a check sheet and collect data for defects and defectives, first write the mandatory headings on a paper, such as;

  1. Name of the organization
  2. Product name
  3. Date and time of inspection
  4. Inspected no. of items or the sample size
  5. Name of the executive and
  6. Write a Remark if necessary

Now write the name of first defect and count the defect in the given sample using tally marks, count the tally marks and write the final count. In the same way count the other defects available in the sample using tally marks. Find the total no. of defect count in the sample by adding the defect count for each individual defect Identify the defectives items having at least one defect and count the total no. of defective items in the sample.

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