Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

MSA is the study of measurement error committed by the operator while reproducing and repeating measurement data of parts using a measuring equipment. The Training coursework includes; Components of MSA; Resolution or Discrimination, Bias, Repeatability (Equipment Variation), Reproducibility (Appraiser Variation), Gage R&R, Part to Part Variation, Total Process Variation (TPV), Linearity, Stability, Calibration Plot, and Attribute R&R.

Programme Language: English/Hindi

Mode of Training: In-House/Open House/Individual

Participants: Junior, Middle and Senior level Engineering and Management Executives from manufacturing or service industry. Students of Engineering, Management, B.Sc./B.Com/ B.A. with Maths may also participate.

ROI: Participants can measure the risk of the failure of a product or a process and eliminate the responsible causes, skill development, and knowledge enhancement

Course Structure


  • What is measurement study?
  • Measurement Error; Repeatability and Reproducibility
  • When to use MSA?
  • Why does measurement system analysis require?
  • Sources of variation in measurement
  • How do measurement error impact?
  • Causes of measurement variation

Resolution or Discrimination

  • Accuracy and Precision
  • Assessing measurement data
  • Bias
  • Bias as percentage of tolerance
  • Calculation of Bias

Repeatability (Equipment variation)

  • Variation due to measurement equipment
  • Calculation of repeatability
  • Construction of Repeatability mean chart and  Repeatability range chart
  • Interpretation of Repeatability mean chart and Repeatability range chart

Reproducibility (Appraiser variation)

  • Variation due to measurement by different operators
  • Calculation of reproducibility
  • Construction of Reproducibility mean chart and Reproducibility range chart
  • Interpretation of Reproducibility mean chart and Reproducibility range chart

Total Process Variation (TPV)

  • Gage R&R
  • Calculation of gage R&R
  • Part to Part variation
  • Calculation of Part to Part variation
  • Total Process Variation (TPV)
  • Calculation of TPV
  • Measurement capability indices
  • %R&R w.r.t. Total variation
  • %R&R w.r.t. Tolerance
  • Number of Distinct Data Categories (NDC)
  • Calculation of NDC value
  • 6Sigma Process Variation


  • Meaning of linearity
  • Linear equation
  • Components of Linearity; Bias, Linearity, %Linearity, Point of zero bias, Coefficient of determination
  • Construction of linearity chart
  • Interpretation of linearity chart
  • Linear regression analysis
  • Interpretation of result


  • Meaning of stability
  • Stability 'mean chart', Stability 'range chart'
  • Interpretation of stability 'mean chart' and 'range chart'

Calibration Plot

  • Meaning of calibration
  • Calibration plot

Attribute R&R

  • Difference between Attribute R&R and Gage R&R
  • Counting an error in attribute repeatability
  • Interpretation of attribute repeatability
  • Counting an error in attribute reproducibility
  • Interpretation of attribute reproducibility

Modes of Training

In-House Training

  • In-House training available for both manufacturing and service industry
  • Sponsoring organization can call the trainer to conduct the training at its place
  • Date of training required to be confirmed before 15 days
  • Training material will be provided.
  • Training fees depends upon the batch size, number of days and location of the training
  • Travel and accommodation will be taken care by the sponsoring organization
  • Send your requirements at, or call 09468267324

Open-House Training

  • Time to time open-house classroom training organised at Bahadurgarh
  • Training material, certificate of participation will be provided to each participant at the time of training
  • Interested participants need to pre-register for the training
  • For registration see the classroom training schedule

Individual/Group Training

  • Training available for an Individual or a Group (2-4) of participants
  • Interested participants need to visit at trainer place
  • Participant/s need to take the prior appointment
  • Training material and certificate of participation will be provided to the participant/s
  • Training fees must be deposited in advance via netbanking

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