5S: Implementation and Audit

5S is the strategy of improving quality of work-place to produce high quality products and service. The training coursework includes; Sorting | Set in order | Shine | Standardization | Sustain | Implementation of 5S in office | Advantage of practicing 5S | Implementation of 5S in an organization | Audit and Evaluation of 5S

Programme Language: English/Hindi

Mode of Training: In-House/Open House/Individual

Participants: Junior, Middle and Senior level Engineering and Management Executives from manufacturing or service industry. Students of Engineering, Management, B.Sc./B.Com/ B.A. with Maths may also participate.

ROI: Learner can able to implement and evaluate 5-S practices at his work place, skill development, knowledge enhancement

Course Structure


  • What is 5-S?
  • Logic behind 5S practices
  • Objective of 5S
  • Implementation of 5S
  • The Japanese approach

S1: Seiri or Sorting

  • What is the meaning of ‘Seiri’ or ‘Sorting’?
  • Stratification management
  • Difference between ‘Need’ and ‘Want’
  • One is best

S2: Seiton orSetinOrder

  • Whatis the meaning of ‘Seiton’ or ‘Set in order’?
  • Steps in achieving neatness
  • Neatness for notices, posters, and signs

S3: Seiso or Shine

  • What is the meaning of ‘Seiso or Shine?
  • Who is responsible for cleaning in the organization?
  • Motto of cleaning
  • Problems in absence of cleaning
  • Graphing out the individual areas of responsibility

S4: Seiketsu or Standardization

  • What is the meaning of ‘Seiketsu’ or ‘Standardization’?
  • Focus of ‘Standardization’
  • Emphasis of ‘Standardization’
  • Visual management
  • Transparency
  • Visualizing conditions
  • Trouble maps
  • Quantifications

S5: Shitsuke or Sustain

  • What is the meaning of ‘Shitsuke’ or ‘Sustain’?
  • Discipline vs Self-discipline
  • Japanese philosophy
  • In absence of discipline
  • Bad examples of discipline
  • Painless transition from ‘X’ to ‘Y’ to ‘Z’

Implementation of 5S in Office

  • Objective of 5S implementation in office
  • Difference between an office and a factory
  • The nature of office work
  • Scope of continuous improvement in office
  • The ‘One’ is the best campaign

Advantages of Practicing 5S

  • Address the issues of non-performing workplace
  • 5S for general purpose
  • 5S for specific purpose; Safety, Efficiency, Quality, Breakdown

Implementation of 5S in an Organization

  • Organization’s management commitment
  • Promotions
  • Keeping records
  • 5S Training
  • Evaluation and audit
  • 5S Implementation plan for a month in an organization

Audit and Evaluation of 5S

  • Audit for ‘Sort’
  • Audit for ‘Set in order’
  • Audit for ‘Shine’
  • Audit for ‘Standardize’
  • Audit for ‘Sustain’
  • Audit for daily 5S for a workshop
  • Audit for daily 5S for an office

Modes of Training

In-House Training

  • In-House training available for both manufacturing and service industry
  • Sponsoring organization can call the trainer to conduct the training at its place
  • Date of training required to be confirmed before 15 days
  • Training material will be provided.
  • Training fees depends upon the batch size, number of days and location of the training
  • Travel and accommodation will be taken care by the sponsoring organization
  • Send your requirements at shakehandwithlife@gmail.com, or call 09468267324

Open-House Training

  • Time to time open-house classroom training organised at Bahadurgarh
  • Training material, certificate of participation will be provided to each participant at the time of training
  • Interested participants need to pre-register for the training
  • For registration see the classroom training schedule

Individual/Group Training

  • Training available for an Individual or a Group (2-4) of participants
  • Interested participants need to visit at trainer place
  • Participant/s need to take the prior appointment
  • Training material and certificate of participation will be provided to the participant/s
  • Training fees must be deposited in advance via netbanking

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