Training Courses

Check the outlines of the available courses for in-house/open-house training.

7 QC Tools

7 Fundamental quality tools for problem solving and quality improvement at workplace in manufacturing and service organization. See more details


A strategy of reducing variability of the process responsible for out of control process by calculating control limits and process capability Cp and Cpk. See more details

New 7 QC Tools

7 Management development tools to process the subjective information and improve the management skills of junior/middle/senior management. See more details

5-S Methodology

Complete coursework to improve the quality of workplace in a systematic manner. Essential for everyone in the organization. See more details


Complete coursework based on measurement error due to part to part variation and measurement variation. The coursework includes Gage R&R and Attribute R&R. See more details


Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) within the PDSA framework for problem solving and process improvement through 7 step methodology. See more details


Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) combines the technology and experience of people in identifying foreseeable failure modes of a product or process and planning for its elimination. See more details

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