Quantitative Techniques Volume-4 (eBook)

Correlation, Regression and Time Series Analysis

Category: Quantitative Techniques, Research Methodology

Author: Sharma Narender

Language: English

Format: PDF

Price: INR 135.00

Content Description

Correlation Analysis

Introduction: Definition of correlation, the utility of correlation, types of correlation, properties of correlation and degree of correlation, correlation, and causation. Measures of the coefficient of correlation; Scatter diagram, Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation; deviation method, product moment method, Variance-Covariance method, Probable error and Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation, Spearman’s rank correlation method; when ranks are given, when ranks are not given, when ranks are equal or tied. The coefficient of determination.

Regression Analysis

Meaning, definition, and utility of regression. Comparison between correlation and regression. Two lines of regression: regression equation of line Y on X, regression equation of line X on Y, properties of regression lines, the relationship between correlation and regression coefficient.

Time Series Analysis

Meaning, definition, and utility of time series, components of time series, analysis or decomposition of time series. Measuring linear trend; Freehand curve method, least square method, Fitting straight line trend. Measurement of seasonal variations; simple average method.

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