Quantitative Techniques Volume-3 (eBook)

Measures of Dispersion and Skewness

Category: Quantitative Techniques, Research Methodology

Author: Sharma Narender

Language: English

Format: PDF

Price: INR 135.00

Content Description

Measures of dispersion

Variability or dispersion; the objective of measurement of dispersion, absolute measures of dispersion, relative measures of dispersion, types of measures of dispersion. Range; Interquartile range (IQR), Quartile deviation, Mean deviation, Standard deviation, the difference between mean deviation and standard deviation, mathematical properties of standard deviation, Chebyshev’s theorem, the empirical rule. Variance; combined standard deviation, the coefficient of variation.


Skewness; Symmetric and the skewed distribution. Skewed distribution; positively skewed distribution, negatively skewed distribution. Difference between dispersion and skewness. Test of skewness. Measures of skewness; Karl Pearson’s method, Bowley’s method (Quartile method), Kelly’s method.

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