Quantitative Techniques Volume-2 (eBook)

Introduction to Statistics and Measures of Central Tendency

Category: Quantitative Techniques, Research Methodology

Author: Sharma Narender

Language: English

Format: PDF

Price: INR 135.00

Content Description

Introduction of Statistics

Meaning of statistics; plural sense and singular sense, scope of statistics, functions of statistics, uses and importance of statistics, limitations of statistics, distrust of statistics, variable data, discrete data, continuous data, and individual data. Frequency distributions; discrete frequency distribution, grouped frequency distribution; exclusive series, inclusive series, open ended series, mid-value series, cumulative frequency series, relative frequency distribution.

Central Tendency

Functions of a good average, importance of a good average. Mean; general properties of mean, mathematical properties of mean, mean for individual series, mean for discrete series, mean for continuous series, combined arithmetic mean, weighted arithmetic mean. Median; properties of median, location of median, median for individual series, median for discrete series, median for continuous series, partition values; quartiles, deciles, percentiles. Mode; properties of mode, mode for individual series, mode for discrete series, mode for continuous series. Empirical relation between mean, median, and mode

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