Practice Set-2 | Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion | 75 MCQs (eBook)

Download the practice set in pdf, 75 MCQs specially designed to practice the learning of “Measures of Central Tendency and Measures of Dispersion” in Quantitative Techniques with answer key.

Category: Quantitative Techniques, Research Methodology

Author: Sharma Narender

Language: English

Format: PDF

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Content Description

75 Multiple choice questions

Mean, Median, Mode, for individual series, discrete series, and continuous series, calculation of mean, median, and mode using direct method, assumed mean method, and step deviation method.

Dispersion, Range, Mean deviation, quartile deviation, interquartile range, mean deviation from mean, mean deviation from median, coefficient of mean deviation from mean and median, Standard deviation, standard deviation for sample, standard deviation for population, standard deviation by assumed mean method, standard deviation by step deviation method, Chebyshev’s theorem, variance and coefficient of variation.

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