5-S: Complete Training Coursework (eBook)

Detailed Description of 5-S Principles, Usefulness, Implementation, Evaluation and Audit of 5-S Implementation. 

Category: Quality Management, Lean Six Sigma

Author: Sharma Narender

Language: English

Format: PDF

Price: INR 1199.00

Content Description

Introduction: What is 5-S? Logic behind 5-S principles. Objective and implementation of 5-S. Japanese approach of 5-S principles.

S1-Sort: Sorting of necessary things from unnecessary things. Stratification Management. Principle of ‘One is Best’.

S2-Set in order: Achieving neatness. Study of efficiency. Neatness of notices, posters and signs.

S3-Shine: Responsibility of cleanliness. Objective behind cleanliness. Problems in absence of cleanliness. Graphing out the individual area of responsibility of cleanliness.

S4-Standardize: Maintenance of S1, S2, and S3. Focus of Standardization. Emphasis of standardization; Visual management, Transparency, Visualizing conditions, Trouble maps, Quantification.

S5-Sustain: Learning of self-discipline. Japanese philosophy of self-discipline. Problems in absence of discipline. Bad examples of discipline. Human attitude towards work. Theory of McGregor and Ouchi.

5-S in office: Objective of 5-S implementation in office. Nature of office work. Scope of continuous work in office. One is best campaign.

Usefulness and Implementation of 5-S: Issues of non-performing workplace and solution, 5-S for general purpose, 5-S for specific purpose. Top management commitment. Campaigning. Keeping records. 5-S training, evaluation and audit.

Evaluation and Audit of 5-S implementation: Audit sheet for ‘Sort’, ‘Set in order’, ‘Shine’, ‘Standardize’, ‘Sustain’. Audit sheet for daily 5-S for a workshop. Audit sheet for daily 5-S for an office. 5-S implementation plan for a month.

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